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Double H-Heather Hunter Interview

Up until this point, Heather Hunter is probably best known for her adult film career. She has starred in many films and was the first (and only) African-American woman to be inducted into the Adult Film Hall of Fame. Heather's roots in hip-hop go way back. She worked at the Latin Quarters back in the day with some of hip-hop's heaviest hitters. She has been working on this album for quite some time and now the world will get to hear Heather like they have never heard her before when The Unexpected hits stores on July 12th. The album includes production by DJ Premiere, Scott Storch, Phantom of the Beat and A Freedom Lyles.

Heather has always been much more than an adult film star. She really became a pop culture icon. She has been referenced in numerous rap songs and has appeared in music videos in the past. She also represents a woman who is strong and confident and takes control of her destiny. She has been away from the adult film industry but her presence in all media is strong. She currently has plans to open an art gallery, she a partner in her record label, she plans to write a book and she has many future career plans.

Talking to Heather was so much fun and it was such a relaxed interview. She is very stylish, confident, and beautiful so this was my chance to ask her the questions I have always wanted to ask her.

Girl Talk With Heather Hunter

My first question is where have you been? I haven't seen you out and about or on the scene lately?

Heather Hunter-I'm always on the scene, you mean as far as TV wise?

Well you know you were on the BET show Oh Drama in 2001 and you were in videos in the 90's...

Heather Hunter-I've learned within my career, I've learned not to give myself up so much because I feel like if you over expose yourself too much it's hard to have longevity in your career and my product is me so I can't stretch myself to thin. I've mostly been on the underground scene and at the same time really trying to master this craft for my album.

I saw a recent picture of you on Allhiphop.com at an event. I have always wanted to ask you this. How do you stay in such good shape?

Heather Hunter-Stress...(laughs). Honestly it's my genetics, my mom and my dad. I used to be very athletic when I was younger and being like that all of those years helped keep me in shape.

This is my last weird question. Your hair is it naturally curly?

Heather Hunter-Oh no. I curl that. It takes me 2 hours every day. It's funny because my hair has become it's own person. People are amazed of the curls and I have been doing it for so long, I love my spiral curls, right now I'm rockin straight hair.

How long have you been working on this latest album "The Unexpected?"

Heather Hunter-I've been working on my album itself for about a year and a half, two years. Mastering the craft of rapping and being good at it. I have been working on that about 6 or 7 years. I've been also on the down low writing a book. I have a book that is coming out this fall.

I'm excited about that. I was going to ask you if you were going to write a book. You have always seemed like the kind of person that embraces your past and doesn't try to hide the way you got into the industry. You know how some people try not to ever alk about it. Do you think that helps you by embracing your past?

Heather Hunter-Honestly, with anything in your life that you do, if you are true to yourself that is going to set you free.A lot of people are not comfortable. I've learned to embrace as well as collaborate.

I was going to ask. It says you have been working on a lot of projects. You told me about the book and the label what else have you been working on?

Heather Hunter-I have an art gallery opening up in Brooklyn. And it's called Art Core and I am going to be displaying my work as well as other people's work. I'm proud of that.

Are you ever surprised that you have so many female fans?

Heather Hunter-No, because I love women! I'm very happy I have them. It's the highest compliment to me. I love the whole Girl Power thing.

Do you enjoy shopping?

Heather Hunter-I love shopping. I can't shop much right now because I am on a budget.

What is your favorite thing to shop for? Purses, shoes or clothes?

Heather Hunter- I have a fetish for Louis Vuitton. I have a lot of Louis. I also love earrings, especially The Eternity Rose glazed earrings. I have almost all of them in different colors.

What artists influenced you musically coming up or even now?

Heather Hunter-Musically, honestly Prince. Prince has always been my ultimate idol but I have so many people I have been inspired by but I have to say ultimately it would have to be Prince.

I was saying this to my husband last night that I wanted to ask this question. Your name is so huge and you are such a huge star and it seems you haven't gone anywhere, have you ever considered just producing adult films with just your name attached to them or did you just want to move away from that industry.

Heather Hunter-Well honestly, I have been trying to move away from that industry all together right now. Don't get me wrong, I love collaborating as much as I can but right now I'm trying to preach and teach the younger generation. There are a lot of women in the same game that I'm in, I'm trying to teach these women there are a lot of things they can do keeping your clothes on and still being able to give a lot of flair off. To me as in collaborating soft core type of stuff with main stream stuff and still getting the same success.

Last question, when does the album come out?

Heather Hunter-July 12th. It's off the hook. The first single is "So Serious." I'm trying to get people to realize that no matter what I have done in the past take me serious.

'Heather's new video, of the single "So Serious", features Wyclef Jean and a full cast of beautiful women. Gyiles Frances produced the video..

Watch the 'So Serious' video!
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