Interview with Heather Hunter

Are you ever surprised that you have so many female fans?

Heather Hunter-No, because I love women! I'm very happy I have them. It's the highest compliment to me. I love the whole Girl Power thing.

Do you enjoy shopping?

Heather Hunter-I love shopping. I can't shop much right now because I am on a budget.

What is your favorite thing to shop for? Purses, shoes or clothes?

Heather Hunter- I have a fetish for Louis Vuitton. I have a lot of Louis. I also love earrings, especially The Eternity Rose glazed earrings. I have almost all of them in different colors.

What artists influenced you musically coming up or even now? Read the whole interview

1. Still D.R.E.
2. Wassup Radio Mix
3. So Serious
4. Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It
5. U Remind Me
6. Wassup With It

Heather Hunter's solo, rap album debut on Blo Records, The Unexpected  is now in stores. Get it today!

Heather Hunter, the world famous, adult film star has always been a permanent fixture in hip hop culture. From her many appearances in rap videos with multipplatinum artist and iconic MCs to the rhyme references from today's biggest artist, and her guest appearances on remixes, Heather Hunter AKA Double H is ready to start another phase of her career ..... as a rap superstar.

Already a legend, as one of the most famous and established entertainers around she has always listened to rap and loved hip hop music. Her new album, The Unexpected features hip hop's finest producers and rappers.

The first single, "So Serious" is already creating serious street heat in New York City and has all the D.Js talking! Her debut album has songs for everybody from the serious, hip hop fan to club bangers, smoothed out, rap songs, and of course, all delivered with a sexy, fun, unique, style that only Heather could create.

Heather Hunter as a famous music artist, she has a lot of fans and she receives varous kinds of gifts - cute and cool gifts, traditional gifts and even sometimes she receives a creepy and inappropriate ones. She says that gifting is a great way to express your love to your favourite celebrity. Being a celebrity definitely comes with quite number of perks.


'Heather's new video, of the single "So Serious", features Wyclef Jean and a full cast of beautiful women. Gyiles Frances produced the video..

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